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Promotional Mouse Mat FAQs

If you have any questions, hopefully you will find the answers here - if not, contact us and we'll do our best to answer you!

Is there a minimum order for mousemats?

Yes. The minimum order quantity depends on the type of mousemat and is usually 100 - 250. You will find pricing tables on most mouse mat pages - the lowest quantity shown there is the minimum order quantity. We are a bulk supplier and so cannot help with short print runs, unfortunately. Please enquire for more information. Our mats are manufactured and branded here in the UK to order meaning we cannot provide short print runs of just a few mats, unfortunately.
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How do I submit artwork?

Please read our guide to submitting artwork here. Please note that we CANNOT accept artwork in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or Excel.

We can also help get your artwork ready for production if you provide the images, logos, fonts etc. Please also note that while we do not normally charge for artwork assistance as part of an order (unless your design is particularly complicated requiring more than 1 hour of reprographics time on our part), we do reserve the right to charge for artwork assistance if an order is not forthcoming or if an order is then cancelled after artwork assistance. In these circumstances customers will be charged at a rate of £60.00 (ex-VAT) per hour or part thereof with a surcharge of £15.00 (ex-VAT) per amendment to artwork.

If you're supplying your own artwork: please note that we will simply make this print-ready (positioning) - we will not check your artwork for design issues other than overall positioning or image resolution. We cannot accept responsibility for design issues within your own submitted content (e.g. join lines or shadows within your design that may show up in print).
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Delivery options

Delivery to a single UK mainland address is free of charge. There will be a delivery charge on orders to be shipped to non-mainland UK and Europe.
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We prefer payment by BACS but can also accept cheques (payable to Acoo Review Ltd) and credit cards - details will appear on your invoice. For most first-time customers we require payment before manufacture of your custom goods. 30 day credit terms may be extended for repeat customers (subject to credit check).
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Do I get a proof?

Yes. You will receive a PDF proof for final approval for mass production, normally within 3 working days of confirmation of your order. This proof is to let you check the layout/positioning/content of your mats and cannot be used as a match for colour (on screen colours do not always match printed colours). Colours may also vary from full colour print run to print run so repeat orders may not always be an exact match.
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Can I have a custom sample made?

We are happy to supply generic samples of the mouse mat style you're interested in (and encourage this before you order to avoid any unwelcome surprises) but we don't normally provide a pre-production sample of your design. If you require a pre-production sample there is a non-refundable setup and production charge of at least £60 + VAT depending on the type of mouse mat of interest. Mouse mats with welded edges such as the Welded Mat or the Tough Mat will cost at least £100 + VAT due to significantly higher setup costs. Pre-production samples of "Lite" mousemats or custom-shaped mousemats cannot be supplied.
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How long will my order take?

Your order is normally delivered within 5-12 working days from approval for mass production and settlement of your proforma. Exact production times will depend on how busy we are at the time you place an order and also on the style of mouse mat you choose.Production on some mouse mat styles can be fast-tracked if necessary - although this means that PDF proof approval generally has to be bypassed, at your own risk. This service may cost more in some cases.

IMPORTANT: If you have a deadline, you must let us know before placing your order. Production schedules are tightly managed and deadlines are taken into account at the scheduling stage.
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Can you give me a quote?

Please note that we cannot give quotations out over the telephone; all quotes are sent in writing (by email).

In most cases, prices are clearly displayed on our website, however if you are unsure about your design, we can take a look and provide you with a direct quote in writing (by email). Please click the Request a Quote button on the mouse mat product pages and fill in your details or email your requirements to us and we will respond directly.

Quotes are not confirmed until we have received your design and may be subject to change.
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How much is setup and origination?

We don't charge for setup and origination unless you're ordering multiple designs. In this case you would be charged a design change setup charge, the value of which will depend on the mouse mat style you're ordering and the quantity required for each different design. We will advise you of this setup charge in any quotes we work out for you.
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What is the best mousemat for the optical mouse?

All mousemats featured on are "optical mouse friendly". This means that they are suitable for use with most optical LED mice as well as the traditional ball mouse but certain computer mice may occasionally encounter tracking problems - please see the Product Limitations section below for more details.
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Can you supply custom-shaped mousemats?

Yes but please note that a tooling charge and a minimum order quantity (250+) will apply. Prices on our mouse mat product pages will not necessarily apply for custom mousemats depending on the dimensions and you should contact us for more information or a quote. Custom-shapes are only available for hardtop mouse mats, and possibly Welded mouse mats. Tooling charges for Welded Mats may be significantly higher than for Hardtop mouse mats.
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Are there product limitations and recommendations?

Mouse Mats: As discussed above - although all mousemats featured on are "optical mouse friendly": occasionally, certain types of optical mice (notably cheaper laser mice and some mice used with Apple computers) may experience tracking problems. Some mat styles (e.g. Brite Mats and Textile-Top mats) have a slightly "bumpier" surface that may not feel as smooth with certain mice. Please ask for samples of the mouse mat style to satisfy yourself that they work with your hardware beforehand if you have any doubts as we cannot accept responsibility for tracking problems.

Designs on under-surface print mats such as the Superior Hardtop, the Welded and the Tough Top Mat may be slightly less vibrant but the print will last far longer than surface-printed mats.

Coasters: Most printed coasters are PVC-based. Due to the nature of this material some distortion with heat transferrance can occur (in particular with plastic vending-machine cups, which have little or no heat insulation). Please ask for samples before deciding which coaster is most suitable for you.

Overs/Unders: Occasionally there will be a shortfall on quantities due to spoilage/rejections by Quality Control - this is known as an "under". If this happens you will normally be credited for any shortfall. By contrast, where more mats than required pass quality control, this is known as an "over". You will not normally be charged for overs. Please note that for urgent orders shipped directly from the factory, we may not know the extent of overs/unders until after delivery. To read more on this, you may find this blog post of interest.
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Please have a browse around our site, we look forward to receiving your order. For more information please contact us.

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