Mouse Mat Artwork Requirements

Do You Require Artwork Assistance From Us?

We are happy to help to get your artwork ready free of charge as part of your order.

The first step is to decide which mouse mat style you like and how many you need. You should then contact the sales team for a quote and/or to confirm your order. We will get the order raised and a proforma invoice will be sent to you by email for settlement. No artwork assistance can be provided until your order is confirmed and paid for.

In order for us to produce artwork, you will need to provide the following:

  • A detailed written brief of your mousemat layout i.e. where elements such as logos, photographs, blocks of text etc. should be arranged on your mouse mats.
  • Photographic Images: these must be supplied by you with a resolution of at least 300ppi at 100% the size they will be on the mousemat. If you send a 300ppi image that will be enlarged to fit on the mousemat, the resolution will be too low to use.
  • Your Logo: the ideal format for your logo will be in vector format (AI, EPS, PDF or SVG format is best. We may be able to use a PNG file with transparent background, provided it is also at a minimum resolution of 300ppi at 100% size it will be on your mouse mat.
  • Use of Logos and Stock Photos/Images: Please ensure that you have copyright ownership or permission from the copyright owner or licensee for the use of supplied images and logos. If using royalty-free stock images from the likes of iStock, Shutterstock or Adobe stock images, please check that your license allows for reproduction in print. For more information on this, please see our Conditions of Sale
  • Text/Fonts: If non-standard fonts are to be used, you must supply the font files
  • Content: If there will be blocks of text, addresses, contact details (e.g. phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses), please provide these text blocks correctly formatted and punctuated either in an email or in a separate document, detailing clearly which font(s) should be used and providing the font file as necessary. We will simply be copying and pasting from your supplied text into the artwork file and will not be editing for mistakes.

† - Please also note that while we do not normally charge for artwork assistance as part of an order (unless your design is particularly complicated requiring more than 1 hour of reprographics time on our part), we do reserve the right to charge for artwork assistance if an order is not forthcoming or if an order is cancelled after artwork assistance has been provided. In these circumstances customers will be charged at a rate of £60.00 (ex-VAT) per hour or part thereof with a surcharge of £15.00 (ex-VAT) per amendment made to artwork already worked on by our studio.

Supplying Your Own Artwork?

In the first instance, you should contact us to discuss your requirements.

Artwork should be supplied at 100% size with a minimum resolution of 300ppi. Preferred file formats are AI (we use Illustrator CC 2017), PDF or EPS (in CMYK colour format). More details below.

Please check your artwork carefully before you send it, ensuring formatting is completed and it’s in the correct size. Just follow guidelines below. Please do not add rounded/radius corners to your artwork. This will be done for you during proofing and production (radius corners differ slightly on each different mousemat style).

IMPORTANT: Please note that we cannot accept artwork in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Publisher or Excel format.

Using Artwork Templates:

You'll find a download link on each mouse mat page to grab a PDF artwork template/datasheet for that style of mat.

Please provide artwork laid out accordingly including the bleed area (this is removed during cutting and is included to compensate for a small amount of movement that can occur when mats are cut to shape - the recommended bleed size will differ from mat style to mat style) and ensuring that all critical content (includes text and logos) do not fall within the outer 3mm/5mm edge in the formats described above.

Applying Artwork to Your Template:

Mouse Mat Artwork Templates

How to Submit Your Mouse Mat Artwork

As long as the file size is 20 megabytes or less, artwork can be sent by email. Please send an email to us with artwork as an attachment. If your artwork is larger than 20 megabytes, you can either send on a CD/DVD or use a free file transfer service such as At the time of writing, allows you to send single files up to 50meg free of charge.

Artwork Colours

We can match your colours as required so if you have a Pantone number for your colours, please let us know, as this will help us match correctly. If you don't, no problem! Please note the industry standard for pantone matching is +/- 10%, and print colours will often look different to how they appear on a computer screen. Variations may occur depending on whether your colours use the Pantone Solid "Coated" versus "Uncoated" colours - you must specify this otherwise we cannot be responsible for variations.

For screen printed Mats:

  • Editable EPS file (see important note on text/font information below)
  • PDF file (see important note on text/font information below)
  • Artwork saved at 100% size or larger
  • Pantone references supplied for colours
  • Font files must be supplied (if non-standard) or text saved as outlines/curves

Full colour Litho or Digital Prints:

  • All graphics should be supplied as high resolution CMYK files (EPS, PDF or AI files) at a minimum of 300 dpi resolution.
  • All design components must be supplied and clearly identified. This includes tiff, eps, and pdf files; all printer fonts used in the main file and imported graphics.
  • Font files must be supplied or all text converted to curves/outlines in your artwork.

Regardless of print method:

  • Allow a bleed* all around the outer edge of the design (this will be 3-10mm, depending on the style of mouse mat you choose). The exact size of the bleed to allow will depend on the type of mouse mat and the shape you're interested in. Please enquire.
  • Artwork to be emailed with your order number and company name in the reference line or supplied on CD with same information clearly labelled
  • For example - a 235 x 200mm hardtop mousemats should have a 5mm bleed meaning that the artwork dimensions will be 245 x 210mm. The outer 5mm is lost during production.
  • Please note that all "critical content" such as logos and/or text should not lie within 5mm of the outer edge of your mousemats (not including the bleed area).

* - a bleed is a small extra region around the outside of the mousemat design area in the background colour of the mousemat and is used to allow for stamping mis-registration during mousemat production.

What if there is an issue with the formatting?

Any artwork in an unsuitable format will need to be resubmitted. If only simple corrections are required, and we have all of the relevant files, fonts etc. then we can do it for you free of charge.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch - we'll do our best to help.

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